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I'm a book loving introvert whose favorite thing to do is snuggle up on the couch with my wife, our dog & a cozy blanket. I live for the crisp cool air of the mountains, warm colors of fall, & an adventure here & there. I love the magic of mountains & forests, buy more books than I can possibly read in a year, & spend a lot of my free time at the softball field. I believe that golden hour is like glitter, that we should embrace the messy, & that a good workout with music up too loud will fix anything.

I have always loved stories, ever since I was a little girl, and in college I fell in love with photography as a form of story telling. The idea that I could capture a picture and create a special keepsake that someone might someday use to tell a story to their loved ones fills me with overwhelming joy.

What's in My Bag?

Nikon d810

Nikon d6

Sigma Art 35mm 1.4

Nikon 85mm 1.4

Nikon 200-500mm 5.6

Turning every day memories into art is a special kind of magic that I, as a photographer, live for.