Hi, I'm Kelsey

I'm a puppy dog cuddling, fantasy book loving, yoga pant wearing introvert whose favorite thing to do is snuggle up on the couch with my family and a cozy blanket. I live for the crisp cool air and warm colors of fall, love the magic of mountains and forests, and buy more books than I can possibly read in a year.

I have always loved stories, ever since I was a little girl, and in college I fell in love with photography as a form of story telling. The thought of being able to capture a picture and create a special keepsake that someone might someday use to tell a story to their loved ones fills me with overwhelming wonder. I like to think of it as turning memories into artwork.

I hope you allow me the privilege to document what's most special to you.


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01 / 04

Julie & Brandyn

"Kelsey is such a pleasure to work with. We love all the ideas she comes up with and that she keeps up with the new and old trends. She helps with all questions you have!! She helps out so much and works with all the idea you have for the session. You're amazing and I love all your photos !!"